Mandalay Traveller, a Mandalay-based travel agency, is found by a group of young men with a keen sense of social welfare and environmental conservation.As a travel agency, it will offer services such hotel reservation, transportation arrangement such as procuring air tickets,bus and boat travel,biking,motor biking,tracking, eco-tourisn,socio and ecological study trips. One thing this agency is set apart from others is that it offers a special package: reserving hotel accommodation with `contract priceĀ“ (at least 20 per cent less the walk-in rate);car ,boat , bicycles ,motor cycles and air fare will be got at real working prices prevailing in Mandalay;these rates are set for the whole country including Yangon , Bagan , Inlay Lake , Shan State and also for places that are permitted to travel.The most important fact is this:it guarantees the quality of travel , especially not less than the standard offered by other like agencies.The agency charges only 10% as service charge on the services undertaken for the the customers ,the package and individual travellers. Another notable aim is that from the 10% services charge ,2% will be donated to orphanage, one per cent for the environmental conservation works.Also the customers or non-customers of our agency are also invited to participate in this welfare project.