Kawthoung is the gate way of Mergui archipelago located at the southern edge of Myanmar. The town was build by British and named Victoria Point. There is a river name Perchan separate Kawthoung and Ranong of Thiland. Most of tourists come from Ranong to Kawthoung by crossing to the river with small long tail boat to enter to Myanmar’s virgin archipelago and some are come directly from Thailand’s most famous topical paradise city Phuket with liveabord boats and sailing boats.

The colorful people are living on that small town, among of them Burmese, Thai, Malay, Indian and Chinese are prominent. Nowadays, foreign people can use their passport to enter Kawthoung through Ranong. It’s a one of the gate at Phuket use for their visa extension. Local Thai people can use their local border pass book to visit Kawthoung. People with passport can go to Myeik and Dawei.