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Pwa Gyi

Pwa Gyi


Ko Pwa Gyi is a true son of Mandalay as well as a founder of Mandalay Traveller. He is known in our neighbourhood as a man and who talks as much as he helps the locals, orphans and and other people who need a hand. You wouldn’t know it, but that’s quite a lot. Our likeable boss has worked with tourism in Myanmar for more than 15 years, and there are very few places he has not been to. When he is not at the office, he is probably shooting photos for UNESCO or other organisations.

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I visited Myanmar with my husband during our honeymoon. Ko Pwa Gyi drove us in our tour and we found not only a good guide, but also a good friend. For my birthday we were in a restaurant in Mandalay to have dinner. Pwa gave me this beautiful birthday’s cake. What a wonderful surprise! It was one of the most amazing evenings of my life.

Laura Rodolfi

Reggio Emilia (Italy)

I have been on several photo shooting trips with Yadanabon Kingdom, all of which have been led by my good

friend, Ko Pwa Gyi.

He truly knows manyt excellent places for serious photographers like me.

I’m planning on returning in 2016 to explore new areas under his guidance.

Boulos Issac

Documentary and Travel photographer Instructor, Nikon School of Photography, Egypt, D&B Graphics

As we were traveling through the area around Mandalay with Pwa Gyi, we really enjoyed his exceptional personality. He knows every part of his country and he was so kind to explain a lot about history, about life in Myanmar with all its goods and sometimes negative influences.

We learned a lot and it was such a pleasure to be with him.

I really can recommend this personal guide and the services of his travel agency to anyone who wants to see and experience more in Myanmar!

Katharina Beckmann


I have been working with Pwa Gyi several times. He has always been a pleasure, as a tourist guide and also as a facilitator for my job. As a director for TV documentaries, I need a person who is able to arrange travels, the necessary permits and also the protagonists who feature in the documentaries. Pwa Gyi is reliable and a professional in his job. I can warmly recommend him and his travel agency.

Martin Schacht

Director and Author, Germany

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