About Us

Yadanabon Kingdom, a Mandalay-based travel agency, was found by three good friends with a strong commitment to social responsibility and informed tourism that opens our clients’ eyes to the kaleidoscope of dynamics that make Myanmar the very unique country it is.

Seeing is good – understanding is better

Our goal is to create great experiences for our clients, and we think this is not only done by getting great rates at good hotels; for us it is equally important to tell our clients about the cultural and societal layers that shape life in Myanmar, but which can be difficult for the average traveler to decipher single-handedly. Therefore we educate our guides to supply in-depth information so we can continue to stand out from our competitors whose approach we think is more about quantity.
Currently we are working on our own handbook, which will serve as an enlightened alternative to publications such as Lonely Planet, the societal scope and depth of which we deem too shallow as it doesn’t give enough detail to put things into their proper context.

The pieces fit

Smooth. We want your trip to be smooth. Therefore we always make sure that our trips are dynamic, that all players who make up a good trip know when to do what, thus allowing our clients to focus on what they came here for; to experience the unfiltered Myanmar, which is slowly taking over as one of the most mesmerising tourist destinations in the world.

With a combined 30 years in tourism, we know how to design our trips and how to anticipate and avoid the wasting of time.
We want our clients to experience as much as possible, yet we also know that – after visiting 12 temples – some people like to gaze at a beer instead of another holy site.

Tailors of dreams

Luckily we are all different, and probably so are your expectations and desires. Today Myanmar has changed its dynamics for the better. Gone are most of the archaic regulations that used to suck the motivation out of many visitors by laying bureaucratic obstacles in the way. With our elaborate network across the country, we can design basically any kind of trip you may fancy. Simply let us know – and we will get right on it.

Feel good about it

We take pride in competing with the biggest travel agencies in the country that, for years, have dominated the industry often through close ties to the military government. Now the playing field has been somewhat levelled, and we are proud to be an ethically healthier alternative to the beneficiaries of the monopoly that used to be.

For years we have allocated private funds to orphanages and homes for people suffering from leprosy. We continue to do this out our own pockets, but it is our aim to increasingly donate some of your dollars to the same causes, an endeavour you can continuously follow on this page.
Altruism is a wonderful hobby to indulge, and by choosing us over the big players, who have no such altruistic commitments, you will automatically help some of the ocean of disadvantaged people of Myanmar.